As the first ever NFT-funded documentary, Isolated America is a collective project between filmmakers, photographers and storytellers from across the nation. Since March 2020 our team has been hard at work revealing how the coronavirus crisis has impacted the lives of everyday Americans. We are excited to be collaborating with the crypto community as they help us share these important stories.

These tokens will provide the vital funding needed for post production, follow-up interviews, licensing fees and distribution costs. We encourage NFT holders to see themselves as a vital and active part of the production team.

Featuring three original, limited edition art pieces, created by the IA crew.




Anyone can be a supportor!
Be part promoting this major paradigm shift in modern storytelling.
Donations go directly to supporting our post-production team.



Investors are individuals who see the value in sharing these stories. Acknowledged by name in the credits.
Invited to attend production Zoom meetings.
Donations go to support licensing media and sound design.



EPs provide large scale investment in the film.
They'll collaborate directly with the production team.
Access to raw interview and Zoom editing sessions.
Each EP NFT will received 5% dividends of the film's profit.
Donations go towards follow-up interviews.

We believe seeking funding through an NFT offering will provide us creative flexibility and collaborative support from the community. Allowing the audience to voice what they what in the documentary. Be part of making history as you help create a paradigm shift in how films and media are created. Follow this space or our Twitter for updates.

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Isolated America works to reveal long-seated institutionalized inequalities and explore how they contributed to the lack of support for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re filmed with small business owners, healthcare workers, civil rights leaders, community volunteers, migrant workers, undocumented families, at-risk individuals, mutual aid groups, politicians, indigenous organizers, Amazon employees, concerned citizens and many others.

Three main tenets of the film: community, healthcare, and the economy. We are examining the systemic issues that have made so many vulnerable to this illness. Exploring why certain groups are being particularly affected in these times.

Isolated America aims to capture this historic moment,
for us as individuals and our nation.


We are a team of filmmakers and journalists taking an in-depth, firsthand look at our nation during the coronavirus outbreak. We are working in teams across the country as we document, interview and experience these historical timess.

Lucas Mullikin
Documentary filmmaker, journalist and creative producer with work focused on illuminating issues often overlooked or over-sensationalized by the mainstream media. Producing coverages on the environmental, immigration, indigenous issues, justice reform, food systems, health equity and more.

Troy Farah
Troy Farah is an independent journalist and Emmy-nominated documentary film producer that has worked for many publications including National Geographic, The Guardian, NBC, AJ+. VICE, Wired and others covering science, public health, climate change and social justice. Since the beginning, he has been involved with IA as a health news consultant and involved in various facets of production.

Levi Stallings
I have worked as a journalist, editor, and composition teacher in Northern Arizona for over the last decade. I’ve been a producer on Isolated America from the beginning, finding many of our sources, as well as reviewing footage and scripting.

John Haas
John is a Los Angeles based documentary filmmaker and joined Isolated America in the midst of the pandemic because he wanted to understand more deeply the effects on his original home in the Midwest. Previously John has worked on a variety of environmental and social justice related films as organizing within the LA Filipino community as he explores his ethnic roots.

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We are looking for hardworking people to tell America how they've been impacted by coronavirus. If you would like to share your story, please contact or call (928) 362-2735 to leave a message describing your personal experience during the pandemic.



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